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The latest version of Maian Checkout is currently: v1.0

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Release Date: 13 September 2017 (View Changelog / System Requirements)

MD5 Checksum: FAC10F02DB5ABCC71214C1EAF64E85AD
SHA1 Checksum: C05A516075A3AADAC5BD66F3D75A8C917CDBA676

Maian Checkout is free for both commercial & personal use. To see the free version limitations click here.

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1 Check system requirements.
2 Download Zip File
3 Refer to 'readme.txt' file.
4 Docs located in 'docs' folder.

Use a good quality text editor to edit files, such as Notepad++. DO NOT edit files directly on the server. Edit and re-upload via FTP for better results.

Problems? Check the support options.


Please refer to the upgrade section in the documentation. View Online

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